We Can Change Lives

We welcome new partners to the Health Junction team.

Our reach currently extends across the whole of Malaysia, through a diverse, multi disciplinary team. These members include specialists who work for us full time and affiliates who contribute their services on a needs basis.

If you are interested in preventive not reactive medicine; if you want to create lasting change for peoples lives; if you want to get out of the clinic or office and into different workplaces, get in touch with us today.

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If you would like to be our partner, please complete the form here and one of our team members will reach out to you.

Clinic Address

Our Partners

Kuala Lumpur

Klinik Q (Bangsar)

Poliklinik Star

Klinik Perkasa Sdn Bhd

Klinik Maha & Rao

Clinic Q City & Surgery


Klinik Health Junction

Klinik Q

Klinik Tan @ 1U

Poliklinik & Surgeri Siva

Johor Bahru

Klinik Oversea

Klinik APM Desaru

Klinik APM Air Tawar 3

Klinik APM Kota Tinggi

Klinik APM Bandar Tenggara

Excel Mediclinic


Klinik Medicure WLY


Klinik 1 Krubong

Klinik Melaka 22 Jam (Cheng-Branch)

Negeri Sembilan

AMC Medical Clinic S2

AMC Medical Clinic Seremban 2

AMC Medical Clinic Bahau


Klinik OneCare


Polyclinic GY

Tejani Medical Clinic


Sievert Imaging Centre

Klinik Mabello Helmina

Permai Polyclinics Lokkawi

Raphah Medical Clinic & Surgery